Finding your Flow

What is flow? Flow is the prana or life force that flows through your body. Its the "zone" a meditative state that we can only find when we are creating, doing something we love or learning something new. We've all experienced it at one time or another, because when we are there its as if time floats aways, there are no distractions, it a state of being that exceeds the doing.

Art by Alex Grey "Theologue"

So how do we access this more often? its about opening up your energy pathways to allow flow. It doesn't come from thought, it comes from the body and spirit. I teach so many artist that experience creative blocakages, I believe this is so common because making money based on your creativity can cause a halt in the flow of energy. The pressure that we put on ourselves to be "creative" and produce something that is "unique" can cause paralyzation. To unblock the pathways its the work we do before we create. We must open up our chakras to allow the creative energy to flow up from our 1st chakra and up our pathways. This is no longer about creating from your brain, its about creating from your soul, feeling the flow from your body and into your fingertips. By bypassing the frontal cortex, where all the chatter in the brain lives we can experience beautiful flow where creation meets soul puropose and that's where the best art come from.

Keep an eye out for my online breathwork classes where we practice a three part breath mediation. That will help you find flow in your art, your creations and your life.

Peace, Love, and Lipstick


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