The beauty industry and beauty standards

Ok, so lets get real. What the hell does the beauty industry have to do with the healing community. And why the hell would they ever be connected?

Since its inception the beauty industry and beauty marketing have created a standard that there is one type of attained beauty. They have sent the message that if you buy this product then you can look like this model and of course be happy (LMFAO). They sold a white, straight haired, thin American dream for far to long. In the last 10 years we have seen a slow (very slow) movement towards inclusivity beauty marketing. But it doesn't take may the endless years of damage and insecurities that the industry has created in women and men (but mostly women). As a long time intersectional feminist and makeup artist I would like to redefine the world "beautiful" and disempower the current beauty paradigm.

So first lets talk about the word "beautiful" its heavy... we cary these scars, do you remember the first time that someone made you feel ugly? I do! I was in second grade and remember being made fun of for being fat and having curly hair, and it was definitely the first time I realized I didn't look like the other girls and maybe just maybe I wasn't "beautiful". These are two insecurities I still battle today, crazy because that happened when I was so young. But essentially as humans our brains are like sponges we soak up our experiences and they leave deep canyons of pain in our body. We internalize these emotions and its our job to revisit this pain and rewire our brain to redefine our very own emotions, confidence, and self worth.

Back to the word "beautiful" lets detach it from the meaning we know it be, lets say beautiful is being in our skin, lets say beautiful means, transforming into whoever we want to be. And that right there is where we can reclaim our worth within the beauty industry. We can say fuck your beauty standards, I am going to use makeup to transform my self into exactly who I feel like being today. By using cosmetics to empower our inner artist and bring out the souls desires from within. My wife Yvonne (@yvonnetheartist) and I have created a platform called Lipstick Queers, where we do exactly that. We use makeup not to be "pretty" but to express emotion, to tell a story and to challenge ideas around what is beautiful. We discuss body positivity, we talk about being proud to be in your skin and happy with who you are.

We are all on a journey to healing our beauty scars together, but remember when you look in the mirror say something anything nice to yourself. Buy a piece of makeup not because you "need" it (aka a mascara or foundation) but pick up that lipstick that eyeliner and play. Bring out your inner child and have fun defining how you feel on the inside.

So now you can see exactly what the beauty industry and healing community have to do with each other. Makeup can be an art medium and a way to express yourself not a way to conform or commit to someone else standard of beautiful. Join our movement at Lipstick Queers (@lipstickqueers) redefine your beautiful and so something to heal your beauty scars everyday.

Peace, Love and Lipstick


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